Brockport Football Coach Receives Award, Village Power Outage, and Fatal Car Accident

By Abigail Fridmann @abigailfrid

The Brockport Wegmans was shut down Sunday after a power outage that surged through areas of Brockport. While many wegmans employees tried to assist customers by shining flashlights down the aisles, management closed doors, on super bowl sunday, to prevent any accidents or injuries to their shoppers. The store opened back up once the power was restored. The reason for the outage is still unknown.

A man has died following a crash on Saturday afternoon. Mauriece Johnson of Rochester had to be removed from his vehicle by first responders. He was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital, where he died due to his injuries.

THe AFCA announced the selections for Coach of the year, and one of Brockport’s own was named Division III National Football Coach of the Year.  Jason Mangone lead Brockport football to  No. 5, according to the polls. The Golden Eagles had an almost undefeated season, and the players are looking forward to next season.

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