Rochester Judge Violates Probation, Starbucks Holiday Deals, and Golden Eagles Football

By News 4’s:  Cordell Cummings  @Cordell_Cummings

Rochester city court judge Leticia Astacio has been accused of violating her probation again. Astacio refused to wear her scram device, an ankle bracelet that monitors alcohol consumption.  Judge Astacio was found guilty of driving while intoxicated in august 2016.since then she has made headlines after violating the terms of her probation and being  jailed twice. She went to court yesterday afternoon and the results of the hearing have yet to be released.

Starbucks is kicking off their two drinks for the price of one holiday special. From today until Monday customers can buy a holiday beverage and get a second free a parts their “give good” campaign which encourages customers to share their extra drink with someone.

This weekend, Brockport’s football team will face St. Lawrence university in Canton, NY.  if the golden eagles can pull of the win, they will have a 10-0 record, which would tie brockport’s previous record for total season wins. The golden eagles take the field on Saturday at 1p.m.

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