BSG Implements Special Elections

By Johnny Nixon @John_R_Nixon

Brockport Student Government has made an amendment to the electoral process. The amendment was introduced by election commissioner Emma Chilson-Cline to avoid a potential crisis after all candidates for key BSG positions dropped out of the race.

The BSG meeting held this past Friday was heavily attended by students after an announcement was made that all candidates for BSG president, vice president, and treasurer had dropped out of the race. This could have potentially left these positions vacant over the summer and for the start of the upcoming academic year.

Fortunately, the Senate was able to pass a bill that proposed a special election to be held before the end of this spring semester.

Chilson-Cline, who drafted the bill, titled l-21-18, says this not only allows for this special election, but allows for future special elections should this ever happen again.

The bill was approved with 7 senate votes in favor, 0 against, and 4 abstentions.

There was some concern over whether clubs operating under BSG budgets could receive funding if BSG operations were stalled. However, BSG president Elisha Madison stated that fears regarding club budgets were overstated.

So far, the candidates have only cited “personal reasons” as an explanation for dropping out right before debates were to take place. The new bill has pushed the special election date to the end of the semester, with petitions going out Thursday, April 5.


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