Governor Cuomo’s new gun law proposal and Papa Johns shocking change in Rochester

By Madeline Tyrrell @maddyttweets

New York announces a plan to prevent domestic abusers from owning firearms.

The plan will not only toughen gun control laws, but require those convicted of domestic abuse to surrender all firearms.

Villanova beats Michigan 79-62 for their second national championship in three years. The historic win on April second is the third national championship win for the team which includes wins in 1985 and 2016.

Papa Johns closes all Rochester branches. On Monday all Papa John’s stores closed without warning. According to a note left on the door by sole member Schuyler Lofberg,  “It’s come to an abrupt ending due to the heavy headwinds put upon us by New York State,” the note continued. “We will not be the last to fall under this current business climate.”

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