Syracuse Fraternity Expelled and Brockport’s Annual Leadership Awards Ceremony

By Kayla Green @KaylaGreen04

A fraternity at Syracuse University has been expelled over an offensive video that member say was intended as satire. The university announced the news about Syracuse’s Theta Tau chapter on its website Saturday. Chancellor Kent Syverud calls the Theta Tau video “racist, anti-semitic, homophobic, ableist and sexist.” Members of the fraternity apologized on Friday saying they believe racism “has no place on a university campus.”  The punishments for individual students is unknown at this time but could include suspension or expulsion.

Brockport students from many areas of campus will be honored at the annual Student Leadership Awards Ceremony this evening. Over 200 students will be recognized for their accomplishments in leadership, service, and other achievements on campus. The ceremony is being held in the Union Ballroom at 5 o’ clock and all are welcome.

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