Fairport Brewing’s Expansion, UR Medicine to Perform Liver Transplants and Weekend Events

By Imani Coaxum 

The Fairport Brewing company’s plan to expand is causing controversy. The owner, Tim Garman wanted to expand the structure to create more outdoor and balcony space, but the construction plan wasn’t meeting historical guidelines. The project was shot down by the Fairport Village Historic Preservation Committee.

This summer the Golisano Children’s Hospital is launching a new program to help treat children with serious liver problems. The hospital staff plans to perform liver transplants for the young patients. This means that children around the area who need the transplant will no longer have to travel far for it.

The African Student Union will be hosting their annual art show Saturday evening at 7 P.M. in the Union Ballroom. Tickets are still on sale for two dollars. Later that evening they will be hosting an after party in the ballroom as well. Tickets for that are one dollar.

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