Holly Colino Fit For Trial, RTS Offers Free Rides To Interviews

By Terrence Dickey @Detron_J

The woman who is accused of fatally shooting a mother, Megan Dix, in a Brockport parking lot has just been deemed capable to stand trial.

The woman accused, Holley Colino, of killing Dix, in August 2017 was originally incompetent to stand trial based on the initial psychiatric evaluation, but Judge Schiano said he has received a “notification of fitness to proceed” for Colino.

Regional Transit Service (RTS) in the city of Rochester is offering a free round-trip ride to job interviews for anyone who needs it through the the Jobs First Program.

A lot of people do not know about the program, but the CEO of RTS says that this can put a great dent in Rochester’s unemployment rate and aid and encourage people into looking for jobs. The program also pays for itself because its accounted for in the RTS budget.

To get the free ride, all you have to do is contact RTS before the interview. They will confirm details with the company and mail out a bus pass to you. This can also be done up to five times.

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