Rochester Natives March For Their Lives and Ride Sharing Services Facing Roadblocks

By Kayla Green @KaylaGreen04

Rochester area natives are making their voices heard about gun control. Over 5,000 people showed up to march in downtown Rochester on Saturday. The March For Our Lives protest on the same day in Washington D.C. inspired many others all around the country. Many students spoke at the march, demanding change from local officials.

Uber and Lyft drivers in Western New York are facing roadblocks when it comes to who they can pick up. Many drivers don’t have car seats in their cars, which prevents them from being able to drive people with young children. Drivers have said they’ve had to cancel many rides because the rider had a young child but no car seat for them. They’re simply not willing to take the risk. New York State law requires children under 4 to be in a federally approved car seat. Depending on their weight and height, children older than 4 must ride in a booster seat.

Brockport students have the chance to voice their democratic opinions about the school to prison pipeline. The Office of Community Development is holding a deliberative dialogue on this topic tomorrow at 5:00 in Union 220. Food will be provided.

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