RIT Student Indicted on Murder Charges and New York State’s Plans to Keep Schools Safe

By Justin Pickard @talontelevision

An RIT student and her father have been indicted on murder charges. Twenty-year-old Karrie Neurauter and her father Lloyd Neurauter are facing charges of murder in the first and second degree for the murder of Michele Neurauter, Karrie’s mother. They are accused of strangling her to death and staging her death to look like a suicide.

The New York State Sheriff’s Association wants to put at least one armed officer in every grade school and high-school  in the state. There are roughly 4,700 public schools and nearly 2,000 private schools in the state. The Sheriff’s Association estimates that the cost of their proposal would be comparable to adding one new teacher to every school.

Brockport High-School honored 45 students in their entrance into the National Honors Society this year. The students were presented with certificates for, excellence in scholarship, service and leadership at an induction ceremony held at Brockport High-School.

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