#Enough National School Walk Out and Brockport Campus Events

By Jordan Soldaczewski @jsold19

The nation is responding to the deadly school shooting in Florida last week by planning walkouts as a call for change of gun control laws. There have already been many walkouts and protests. One of the biggest upcoming protests is the #Enough National School Walkout, organized by the branch of the Women’s March called Youth Empower. The walkout will be March 14th at 10 in the morning. Hundreds of schools have said they’ll be taking part. The schools taking part in Rochester so far are Penfield High School, Fairport High School, Pittsford Sutherland High School and School of the Arts in Rochester. There will also be participants at schools in Canada, México, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Israel. A school in Texas isn’t allowing students to walk out and said students will be suspended for three days if they do. Some school districts in South Carolina are looking to do the same.

The Brockport campus is filled with events this weekend, so don’t miss out! Tonight the Brockport Pride Association and BSG will be hosting Sexy Bingo. Tomorrow night BSG will be hosting Kindergarten Throwback Night. Saturday is the also Organization for Students of African Descents event,All Black Everything.” The event itself is sold out but tickets are still available for the silent disco after party. Sunday is the annual Leadership Conference.

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