Brockport Film Festival is coming soon, and two dogs were rescued from Letchworth State Park

Abigail Fridmann @abigailfrid

The Brockport International Film Fest. will take place Monday Feb. 26 from 6:30pm-9:00pm. Attendees can explore the theme of Identity in Conflicting Cultural Contexts. Admission is free, open to the public. Head over to the McCue Auditorium in the Liberal Arts building to watch.

Two dogs and their owners had to be rescued from Letchworth State Park on Sunday, after the pups slid on ice and and fell into the ravine. When their owners tried to rescue the 100 lbs mastiff and bulldog, they got stuck as well, and had to call 911. Helicopters showed up, as well as first responders- luckily everyone was rescued and no one was hurt.

More than $266,000 were raised during the Cares For Kids Radiothon, Monday afternoon. This is a 35 percent increase compared to 2017. All proceeds went to the Golisano Children’s Hospital and the Miracle Kids.

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