Rochester firefighters get a huge “thank you” and SnoHub app gaining ground in Buffalo

By Kayla Green @Kaylagreen04

Rochester firefighters recently had the chance to meet the little bundle of joy they helped bring into the world. New mother Erica Bell was in labor in her car on February 1st when she and her husband pulled over and called 911. Firefighters arrived and helped deliver baby Jallah right in the car. When the firefighters met Jallah on Wednesday night, his big brother gave them a thank you speech and a photo in an engraved frame.

Many people’s least favorite part of winter is having to clear their driveway. A man from Connecticut thought the same thing a few years ago and decided to do something about it. He created the app called SnoHub. You put in your address, request a service, choose your driveway type and wait. The price is 39 dollars for up to 10 inches of snow The app is just starting to take off in Buffalo, with over 70 people using it so far. 14 contractors have been approved to work in the area and 14 more are in the process of being approved.  

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about television news, you may want to take part in the upcoming BSR Media Conference. The Conference, hosted by Talon TV, is bringing television journalists from Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse to campus next weekend. The conference is focusing on television in a digital age. It will be held on February 17th from 9 in the morning until 1:30 in the afternoon. Tickets are 5 dollars for Brockport students and can be purchased at the BSG box office or online.

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