Rochester Introduces Self-Driving Cars and Rochester Polar Plunge

By Kara Phillips  @fairlykara

The Brockport Student Union will be hosting Open Skate Night in the Tuttle North Rink this Friday, February 9th. the The event will go from 10 at night til 1 in the morning. Bring your own ice skates or rent them at Tuttle!

Self-driving cars have arrived in Rochester. They come with a hefty price tag: $100,000. There is no key, just a push to start button, and the driver simply enters the destination they want to reach. Deputy Mackenzie of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department openly supports these cars. He says, “human factor is a big cause of crashes.” Experts are saying that the price of these cars will likely decrease in the next few years.

The Rochester Polar Plunge will take place at Ontario Beach Park this Sunday at noon. There are lots of ways to get involved, such as donating on the Brockport campus, or registering yourself or a team to raise money. All funds raised will go towards the New York athletes at the Special Olympics. Also, if you raise $60, you will receive a Rochester Polar Plunge sweatshirt.

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