U of R Sexual Harassment Claims and Greece Officials Being Proactive On Future Flooding

By Terrence Dickey  @Detron_J

The University of Rochester is continuing to handle the sexual harassment claims against professor Florian Jaeger.

Once the claims were filed against the school, the university launched a 4.5 million investigation to make sure that things were done properly.

Former U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White and her firm, conducted the investigation for the U of R and reported that the findings overall were “flawed” and cleared the university of any wrongdoing.

Officials in the town of Greece have been taking proactive steps to protect businesses and homes that are along Lake Ontario from future flooding.

The town employees have been installing new piping and shut off valve systems by areas that experience the most high lake levels.

A power outage recently happened in Brockport where homes lost power and caused many stores to close temporarily such as Taco Bell, Wegmans and more.

National Grid said that the outage began around 12:30 pm and power wasn’t restored until after 3pm.


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