Geneseo Comes Together to Honor Student’s Memory and Rochester Lancers New Field

By: Justin Maybach @JustinMaybach24

The town of Geneseo is honoring a deceased resident. Ninth grader Claire Allen was killed while running with her friend this past September. since Claire was never able to attend prom, her parents have started an effort called Claire’s closet, where they will collect dresses for those who cannot afford one. So far they’ve collected 86 dresses and expect more to come. Anyone looking to try on dresses can stop by the Geneseo school district on saturday March seventeenth from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

As negotiations on a lease agreement ensue between the Rochester Red Wings and Monroe county, assemblyman Joe Morelle claims that the county hasn’t taken advantage of a state grant. The county says he’s wrong, but Morelle also discovered that the state issued a 1.5 million dollar grant for Frontier Field renovations in 2014 that was never claimed. The Red Wings will potentially have to play home games out of town if a deal is not made.

Lastly, the Rochester Lancers recently announced that the men’s and women’s soccer teams are planning to play home games at Capelli sport stadium this summer. Last season the teams played games at the Aquinas institute, but the school is adding a new turf field this summer, causing the Lancers to play at a new stadium.

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