Hazing Incident Leads to 9 Arrests, Snow Owls Make it to Rochester and Brockport Mens Basketball

By News 4’s Ben Hoy @benhoybrockport

Brockport police arrested 9 people yesterday, and six of them were Brockport students.  The arrest was the result of a six month hazing investigation.  The 9 men arrested were part of an unrecognized fraternity called the Delts. They face charges ranging from hazing, to assault, to torturing animals.  Sources now say that the house’s landlord is considering evicting them from the house.

The Rochester area is experiencing an unusually large influx of migrating snowy owls from up North.  The owls had an abundance of food during the summer, which led their population to increase dramatically.  Snowy owls migrate South for the winter, and many are predicted to stay in Rochester until February.

In line of events; The Brockport Men’s Basketball team will take on Plattsburgh State tonight at 7:30. The Golden Eagles are coming off a 83 to 87 loss to SUNY  Oneonta last Saturday. Brockport will be looking to get their fifth win on the season.

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