New York City Subway Legislation and a Christmas Classic Returns to Rochester

By News 4’s: Sydney Berbano @sydberb

A New York City councilman is trying to propose a legislation that would require the MTA subways to run 24/7. This is a direct respond from the Regional Plan Association suggesting to end this particular service for repair and restoration purposes. RPA believes that closing the subway system from Monday to Thursday overnight would allow them to work on these upgrades. Brooklyn Councilman Rafael Espinal says, this is going to hurt the city residents’ livelihood and create more air pollution. RPA president Tom Wright suggest an alternative at night which is a providing a bus service.

New York State Governor Cuomo is thinking about going to court to stop the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” sponsored by the Republican Party. It has been passed through congress and is likely to get to President Trump’s desk before christmas. He says, “it may very well be illegal and unconstitutional”. If passed, the tax reform will greatly affect New York state because of its high local and state taxes.

Productions of “A Christmas Carol” has returned to Rochester. The Geva Theatre is bringing this classic Christmas for families who have always enjoyed it. The productions will run until December 24th.

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