Holidays At The Market, U of R Scandal, and Brockport Women’s Basketball

By News 4’s: Hannah Mau @MauHannah

It’s that time of year to start picking out holiday gifts and the Rochester Public Market has a lot to offer. “Holidays at the Market” will include a variety of arts and crafts, holiday food and decorations. “Holidays at the Market” will be happening November 26th, December 3rd, and December 10th.

A professor at the University of Rochester has been accused of sexual harassment allegations which will be filed by the police coming in December. Nine students have been sent a ‘right to sue’ letter from the equal employment opportunity commission. The law firm is still acquiring more calls from students who have been harassed.

Tonight at 7 p.m., The College at Brockport women’s basketball team will face the U of R. The game will take place in Tuttle North Gym.


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