Cuomo announces special state parks admission price, and Brockport businesses new protocol

By News 4’s Johnny Nixon @Jon_R_Nixon

Today is the last day of classes for students at the College at Brockport before Thanksgiving Break. Many students will be traveling home to enjoy some turkey with family and friends. Then some may be participating in Black Friday shopping to save a few bucks on Christmas presents. However, if you would rather not spend the day rushing from store to store and waiting in long lines, there is always the option of visiting one of New York State’s parks. Governor

Andrew Cuomo announced free admission into all state parks on Black Friday to encourage more people to spend less time in stores and more time outdoors.

In Brockport News, local businesses on Main Street have been notified by David Miller, the village’s code enforcement officer, that they must remove their A-frame signs from the sidewalks. Miller says the signs have long been prohibited by existing code, and added that they are a safety risk. Business owners can apply to the zoning board of appeals to have A-frames approved after paying an application fee of $50.

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