Red Kettle Campaign Begins, Rochester Rhinos in Trouble, and Brockport’s Explore Africa Event

By News 4’s: Cordell Cummings @Cordell_Cumming

The salvation army has officially started their red kettle campaign. over 65 red kettles, each complete with a bell-ringing santa, have been placed in malls and stores around the Rochester area. The red kettle campaign’s goal for the year is four hundred thousand dollars. The donations go toward feeding the hungry and providing toys and holiday meals for families during the holidays.

The Rochester Rhinos are in danger of becoming broke. Team co-owner Davis Dworkin pleaded with businesses and local leaders to help raise 1.3 million dollars to keep the rhinos on the field. If the organization doesn’t receive the money by the November 30th deadline, the rhinos will not field a team in 2018.

Brockport’s African student union will be hosting their annual Explore Africa event at 6:30 today. Each year, the club picks a country from Africa and showcases its music, food, language, and culture. This year the country that will be highlighted is Congo.

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