Child Abuse Advocates Speak Out in Rochester and a New Thrill Ride Coming to Darien Lake

By News 4’s: Sydney Berbano @Sydberb

Child abuse prevention advocates in the Rochester area came together in behalf of The Children’s Agenda. They’re calling on Monroe County to put more funding on programs that prevents child abuse, instead of cutting them in 2018. Home visits and family therapy are services that could keep families from entering in the Child Protective Services system.

Two bills fans were arrested from jumping on the field during last week’s home game. Tristan Lambright was charged with criminal trespass and public lewdness. The second fan, Aric Belling was also charged with criminal trespass.

A new roller coaster is set to open in Darien Lake in May 2018. “The Tantrum” will be at least 98-foot with speed reaching 52 miles per hour. This roller coaster has an intricate designed making it the first of its kind in New York State.

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