Local Memorial Vandalized, Winter Weather Warnings, International Education Week

By News 4’s Jordan Soldaczewski @jsold19

A war memorial dedicated to a fallen soldier in Fairport has been vandalized. The bronze statue used to have an inverted rifle planted upright between a pair of boots but it was stolen from the site. Police are searching for the person or people who vandalized the memorial.

Winter is coming and frost is on its way. Forecasters are calling for snow overnight and icy roads in the morning. Be sure to dress warm and drive slow!

Next week is International Education week. Events fill each day from Monday November 13th to Friday November 18th. Monday starts off with coffee outside Dailey Hall, the location of the International Education office. Throughout the week there will be Study Abroad information sessions, cultural food tasting, a photo contest vote, Global Rec Fest, and a couple of dance event. The events will be held across campus in the Seymour College Union, Dailey Hall, the SERC, and Hartwell. For the full list of events click on the link in the description of this video https://www.brockport.edu/daily_eagle/doc/2017-11/item_12540_6964.pdf

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