Daylight Savings Controversy and Brockport Fall Open House

By News 4’s: Johnny Nixon  @John_R_Nixon

Daylight savings ended this Sunday setting clocks back an hour starting at 2 am. However, not everyone is completely happy with gaining an extra hour of sleep. A New York lawmaker wants to put a stop to daylight saving time for good. Assemblyman Angelo Morinello has submitted a bill to get rid of daylight saving time. He says he is convinced that the practice is unhealthy for Americans whos sleeping patterns are interrupted by the change.

In brockport, this weekend is the college’s fall Open House. Prospective students are invited to tour the campus, meet with current students and professors, learn more about campus life, and enjoy a meal in the dining halls. The Open House is taking place in the SERC starting at 9:30 am and running until 2:00pm. 


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