NYC Terrorist Attack, Hartford Student Contaminates Roommates Belongings, Habitat for Humanity in Rochester

By News 4’s: Jordan Soldaczewski @Jsold19

New York City is grieving after a terrorist attack which killed 8 people and injured almost a dozen. Suspect Sayfullo (SAY-full-OH) Saipov (SAY-pov) is in custody and police are searching for a second suspect. Saipov is from Uzbekistan and has claimed ties to ISIS. He has lived in America since 2010 and has been an Uber driver for 6 months.

Eighteen-year-old University at Hartford student Brianna Brochu (bro-SHOE) is facing several charges for supposedly contaminating several of her roommate, Chennel Rowe’s belongings. It was reported Brochu boasted on Instagram about the harmful substances she placed in Rowe’s lotion, on her toothbrush, and on her backpack. The actions are being called racially motivated against Rowe who is black. Brochu has since been expelled from the school and one of the charges Brochu is facing is intimidation based on bigotry or bias which is a felony.

This Saturday the Brockport Habitat for Humanity club is working on a build in Rochester. The club does various community service events throughout the year and then takes a trip to Florida to build a house over Spring Break. Go to for more information.

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