News Minute 10/27

By News 4’s: Cordell Cummings  @Cordell_Cummings

New York State governor Andrew Cuomo visited Puerto Rico on Thursday. This is his second trip there since Hurricane Maria ravaged the island. Cuomo plans to assess the recovery and find ways the state can help them with power outages and shortages. Cuomo says that New York has already pledged $1 million in clean water funds.

The Hillel Community day school received a $650,000 makeover on Thursday. The Brighton school’s new renovations include a STEAM lab for science, technology, engineering, art, and math. They will also be getting a new library and media center.

The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra directed by Ward Stare will be appearing together at Brockport for the very first time tonight at 7:30. They’ll be performing at the Tower Fine Arts Center Mainstage Theatre. General admission is 17 dollars.

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