News Minute 10/26

By News 4’s: Jordan Soldaczewski   @Jsold19

Bail has been denied for Monroe County Judge Leticia Astacio. Astacio will continue to be held int he county jail until her court hearing on November 3. The judge is facing seven alleged violations of her probation between the months of July and October.

A professor at Geneseo is being investigated for a quiz students say was offensive to the LGBTQ community. The quiz, titled “Female or Shemale: Can You Tell?”, included both offensive questions and images. A petition is circulating the campus to have Professor David Sorbellpo removed from his position at the college.

In Brockport,  the annual Brocktoberfest is starting this weekend. The festivities began Thursday with pumpkin panting in the Union followed by weekend trick-or-treating and the Monster Bash party. Fall celebrations continue into Saturday with the Haunted U. The festival runs until Halloween.



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