Snow Storm Set to Hit New York

By Nikita Pogorelov

Better put on your winter hats and gloves as the first snowfall of the season is expected to hit this afternoon in the tri-state and could potentially hit a record. But how much are we getting anyway. Well some people are predicting that New York City will warm up to 40 degrees turning the snow into rain, or around 2 inches of snow. While other locations are expected to get more with 1.5 inches in Trenton, 3.4 in Sussex, and 2.7 in Montgomery. People are saying that we might even have record breaking moment this year. The record for NYC was at 4.7 inches back in 2012 and models are showing that we might exceed and go as far as 5.3 or even 6.5. If this does come true, places like Sussex and Montgomery could see 8 inches of snow. The Department of Sanitation let New Yorkers know to be on alert as they are prepared to salt the roads.

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