Hurricane Florence Aftermath

By Nikita Pogorelov

Hurricane Florence has been terrorizing people in the Carolina region for 2 weeks now and it seems to have finally stopped. Unfortunately, the rivers have swollen up and are on their way back to sea as they continue to flood homes and businesses. Georgetown South Carolina was the last place that Florence visited, and it was expected to have been flooded up to 5 to 10 ft of water but it was then later discovered to only be around 2 to 4 ft. The death toll is still adding up but it currently sits at 47 deaths in total. 36 in North Carolina, 9 in South Carolina, and 2 in Virginia. North Carolina, residents of Lumberton sued the company of CSX. Corp stating that the railroad company refused to let them put up a sandbag berm under the bridge until the governor gave an emergency order from the government at the last minute. Animals including dogs, cats, and horses were also rescued during this as they were trapped on a rooftop in the Orrum community.

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