Brockport Flu Clinic and Stoneyard Brewing Company is Expanding

By Violet Scibior

Brockport is giving you a way to give back to your community at the first Blood Drive of the semester. To donate blood, come to the Union Ballroom Monday and Tuesday between 11am and 5pm.

For those who want to beat the flu, the Flu Clinic is offering shots. The Flu Clinic will be held in the Union Ballroom on Tuesday from 11am to 1:30pm.

Big news for our small town, Stoneyard Brewing has opened a huge production brewery in Brockport! This brewhouse consists of 30 massive barrels making Stoneyard one of the largest craft breweries in the Rochester Area. It is equipped for statewide distribution and is expected to hold can releases at the brewery in the near future.

New York was ranked the best state in the country to work in as a teacher. The financial website WalletHub conducted this study based on income growth potential, student-teacher ratio and teacher safety.

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