Greece School District Gets Big Funds and Dunkin’s Name Change

By Terrence Dickey @TerrenceD_16

The school district in Greece, New York will soon be receiving more than $100 million in funding for their students and faculty with major renovations and long term goals in mind. Some of the funding will go to making buildings safer, improving their focus on athletic fields and up to date technology.

The motto of this brand new project is “Rebuild, Remodel, Revitalize.” The project will also not increase the taxes for residents in the district.

Dunkin’ Donuts is officially taking Donuts off their name and leaving at just Dunkin’. The company feels like the new title will more emphasize their focus on drinks too as well as their donuts, which they will still be selling.

The 68-year-old chain which has 12,500 stores globally will be switched to Dunkin’ in January 2019.

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