BSG Candidates: Joshua and Kate

BSG elections are right around the corner, and it’s not always easy to know who to vote for. News 4 Brockport is bringing you the next set of candidates you have to choose from for this week’s vote.

Next up is Joshua Mathews and Kate Demskie.

Mathews and Demskie want students to feel like they belong on campus. But this is only one part of an extensive campaign platform they are running on.

The pair calls their platform “VOICE,” which is an acronym for advocacy, community, pride, accountability and encouragement.

“Josh and I both think that these points are very important because without all of them we’re not gonna be effective in our advocacy for the students, and we’re not gonna be effective in making sure what the students want get implemented,” said Demskie.

According to Mathews, in order for the student’s voices to be heard, they need everyone’s help.

“We need the students, the administration, and the village to buy into BSG in order for us to do our job in representing the student voice effectively because if the students aren’t coming to us for various issues, then we’re not gonna know what’s going on,” said Mathews. “We want to make sure we’re holding our employees accountable as well as holding the administration accountable to make sure that change is happening in the best way possible. That’s something that’s huge in any organization, especially BSG.”

Part of holding BSG accountable is holding the senators accountable. Demskie said one of her main focuses if she wins will be to bridge the gap between the senators and the students, and make sure the main focus is to amplify the voices of the students.

Both candidates have experience in BSG, with Mathews currently serving as BSG vice president and Demskie having been involved in BSG since her freshman year.

Mathews believes this experience makes them the most qualified candidates for the job. He said he loves his job at BSG, and would love to continue advocating for the students in a position he already knows so well.

Mathews and Demskie said they also want to give students the platform that is usually reserved for the president and vice president. They want students to be engaged with the campus and BSG, and feel comfortable speaking up.

Be sure to cast your vote for the candidates you feel are most qualified on April 30th and May 1st.


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