BSG Candidates: Zachary and Elliot

This season’s BSG elections have been anything but conventional.

When all candidates chose to drop out just before voting time, a special election was called for. Now it’s time to vote again, and choosing who to vote for isn’t always easy. News 4 Brockport is helping you out with that. We’re talking to all your choices for BSG president and vice president so you know just what to do on election day.

First up are Zachary Kornberg and Elliot Zalewski.

Just a few short weeks ago, Kornberg was a campaign manager for a completely different candidate who has since dropped out. Following the announcement of the special election, Kornberg made the decision to take matters into his own hands and run for BSG president. He asked Zalewski to join him.

Together, the two hope to win the election and unite Brockport’s campus.

“Brockport right now has a very polarized visive culture and it’s my number one goal to try and fix that, to try and bring the college together,” said Kornberg. “We have students here from all races, ethnicities, genders, and walks of life, and these differences we all share, we should be celebrating to make them come together as one Brockport.”

Kornberg is in Zalewski’s mentorship group in the ROTC program here at Brockport, and the two have become close throughout the year. They’re using what they’ve learned in ROTC about leadership to give a voice to students on campus.

One of their main concerns is the lengthy process of starting clubs, organizations and Greek life.

“We kind of want to give the students more of a voice in the clubs that they can start and make it a little bit easier for them because there’s a million application processes that you need to go through right now to start a club on this campus and ultimately no matter what you do it’s still up to BSG whether your club is created or not,” Zalewski said.

Even though he’s only a freshman, Kornberg says he’s more than ready for the challenge. Both candidates also say their lack of BSG experience actually makes them the more appealing choice. They want to be the voice for the students who aren’t part of BSG, but still want to see positive change on campus.

Both candidates say they’re running to make a difference, and go against the status quo.

If Kornberg ends up being the next one to take over next fall, he also has plans to lower prices of things on campus such as meal plans, bookstore merchandise and food and drinks sold in the cafes. The pair say they want to make the financial burden of being a student just a little easier.

Stay tuned to News 4 Brockport for the next set of candidates you can choose from before you cast your vote on April 30.

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