Irondequoit Car Crash, Movie Being Filmed in Buffalo and Brockport Pep Rally

By News 4’s: Kate Winchell  @TalonTelevision

A car ended up on its side after a crash in Irondequoit. The crash happened on St. Paul Boulevard near Paxton Road on Wednesday around 1 a.m. One person was in the car but didn’t appear hurt. A utility pole was broken near the scene but police are still investigating this incident.

Another movie is being filmed in Buffalo. The film is being directed by Jon Abrahams who filmed “Two for One” in Buffalo in 2015. The movie is about two brothers who go on the run protecting a teenage girl who witnesses a murder. Police monitored traffic at the corner of Vulcan and Conden where movie crews were set up Tuesday afternoon.

BSG is holding a pep rally today at 12:15 at the Brockport Campus Mall. The event will celebrate the football and volleyball team qualifying for the NCAA playoffs. There will be rally towels, guest speakers, and wings. There will also be performances by the cheer and dance teams. Brockport football will be hosting the first round of the playoffs this Saturday at 12 p.m. against Plymouth State in hopes of keeping their perfect season going!


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