Golden Eagle Records

BY NEWS 4’s:  Casandra Battisti @cbattisti21

The College at Brockport has many clubs and organization that allow students to get involved on campus and build their resume for the future. Golden Eagle Records is one of the many that allows students to experience their potential future careers, or just do something that they love.

For those who do not know, Golden Eagle Records is the college’s very own record label. Formerly known as Screaming Eagle Records, they changed their name to appeal to more students.

“I was looking for other outlets on campus and I came across this and I just thought it was perfect for me,” said Julie Miller, Vice President of Marketing and Promotions. “I always wanted to record music, I write music a lot, and I’ve always wanted to be able to express myself in that way. When I found this I was like yes I need to be apart of it, so that’s why I joined.”

Students record and mix original songs. The club also works to promote their artists by booking performances on the Brockport campus. Not only does the club help their artist gain experience in Brockport, but they also work with agencies across Western New York.

The club itself has their own cover band that students are encouraged to join. As students graduate the band needs to replace the empty roles. This gives students that are newer to the club a chance to gain experience.

“I actually took over the lead guitar spot from Travis Eli last year, and our other drummer Karen left, so Josh stepped in,” said Matt Huguley, Vice President of Live Events.

Josh Yost is one the cover bands drummers and the club’s Live Events Chair. He says finding people for a band can be difficult. Yost says that taking people who already love music straight from the club provides some sense of security because you know everyone will be dedicated.

Students do not have to be a music major to join the club. Anyone who is passionate about music is welcome to join. Huguley and Yost say that the club allows the members to get familiarized with the music industry; Yost himself is an accounting major and enjoys the club as much as the students who are music majors.

Golden Eagles Records meets every Tuesday night in Tower 120.

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