News 4 Brockport 8/31/17


This week on News 4 Brockport with Casandra and Bria: Murder of a local woman Brockport, recognition in Buffalo Business First, Move In Day, BSG Plans for “Build a Better Brockport” New Residence Hall progress, North Campus Revitalization progress, MyBrockport makeover, Winging It blog, Saturday of Service.

More on Move in Day

By News 4’s: Kayla Green @KaylaGreen04

College Move In Day is a very exciting day for students everywhere. This is no exception here at The College at Brockport. An important part of this day, however, is the organization and flow of the whole process.

Lucky for Brockport students and parents, the Move In crew had things under control and ready to go by the time the incoming class set foot on campus.

Steve Crescente, the father of an incoming freshman, had great things to say about the whole process.

“I think it was excellent. We didn’t have to drive up on grass or anything, the move in crew was excellent with the carts, everybody in the dorms was all set up and ready to go with the keys so it was an excellent process.”

This was one of many wonderful comments made by parents and students alike. With 1,300 freshmen and over 1,000 transfers moving in at once, things can get hectic.

Even more important than the physical move in, however, is the beginning of a new chapter for the students.

“It’s a great day for our students to become part of our academic community, to understand what it means to be part of Brockport and to really launch the new stage of their life,” Brockport president Dr. Heidi Macpherson said.

Starting college can be a tough transition for many, and Macpherson wants everyone to feel welcome and excited to be on campus. She works hard to foster a community that supports and encourages students to be the best they can be.

Her advice to upcoming freshman?

“…to lean into the experience, is to really take advantage of all the opportunities, is not to let your fear stop you from doing what you really want to do because if you’re brave, other people will be brave around you.”

Everyone we talked to seemed very excited to begin their new journey, and Brockport students, faculty, and staff are very excited to have them here.



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