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Tyler West Reports on the anniversary of Daniel Prude’s death.

Kenneth Sauer reports on high school football.

Katrina Bown reports on David Dobrick

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Education Hearings, Rochester Rhinos and Brockport Football

By News 4’s: Casandra Battisti @cbattisti21

The beginning of December will be a busy time for the New York State
Assembly; two important hearing on education are coming up. The hearing on December 5th will focus on how private primary and secondary schools measure students success. The focus of the second hearing on December 12th will be higher education scholarships, including Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Excelsior Scholarship.

The 2018 season is not looking too good for the Rochester Rhinos. In mid November the team’s owners announced that they still needed 1.3 million dollars in order to play in the upcoming season. The owners say that season tickets sales have gone up, but the team still has not reach it’s necessary goal. The league has agreed to give the Rhinos a year off and to hopefully see them back on the field for the 2019 season.

The NCAA quarterfinals are this week and the Brockport Golden Eagles face off with Delaware Valley. Students can show their Golden Eagle pride by coming to the watch party in the Union Ballroom.

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